Advisor and Writer on the changing geopolitical and economic world order. ( )
»China Dragon Boat competition« picture: Samuel Wong. Licence: Public Domain

The European Union has long considered China a partner in mitigating climate change.

After all, this is a global issue that requires all countries to curb their greenhouse gas emissions. As the world’s largest emitter, this holds particularly true for China. Cooperation has therefore been the defining prism of EU-China…

“America is back” — only two months ago President Biden toured Europe with this slogan. The G7, NATO and EU-US summits were all meant to reassure European allies. “America is back” stood for America’s got your back. Rest assured, the wild and unpredictable days of the Trump presidency are over…

Climate protection cannot be separated from the battle for hegemony taking place between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. Within the context of this high-intensity geopolitical conflict, climate protection has taken on a well-defined geopolitical dimension. …

Roderick Kefferpütz

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